Wrong Turns Will Make You Lost

Wrong Turns Will Make You LostWrong Turns

Recently I posted this statement on my Facebook wall; One of the biggest deceptions in the church today is that people confuse their “cognitive awareness of Gods existence” with “faith”. True faith in God actually produces fruit of a changed life!”

So many souls today are truly longing to get their needs met emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. This is a valid longing and a journey each of us are created to experience as humans. The problem starts when our internal “search engine” is corrupted by our ever so strong lusts for “those things that feel good.”

Wrong Turns Will Make You Lost

When we begin to miss compartmentalize our lives, we have then taken the first wrong turn. Spiritual integrity means that our longing to experience God is included in every compartment of our lives. We would do well to include our longing for Him where we work, play, rest, create, and struggle, as well as where we worship corporately. When we only long for His presence in our “go to church” compartment, and we “turn” from seeking His presence where we work, play, rest, create, and struggle we have made that initial wrong turn to a spiritually dead experience.

Wrong Turns Will Make You Lost

We get focused on and seek out that which caters to “making self feel good” which is mis-leading, rather than seeking His presence, which causes our spirit to live. Before long our spiritual journey is reduced to nothing more than a lifeless religious experience (Just going through the motions). We find ourselves sitting in church, watching the clock, longing to get back to “that which makes us “feel” good. Before you know it, our priorities and values have changed, and our spiritual longing has dissipated to an unhealthy, misguided sense of spiritual duty, and WE ARE LOST.

Wrong Turns Will Make You Lost

Right turns will set you back on your journey in a more healthy way. Have you or someone you know and love made a wrong turn, or a series of wrong turns and have lost the Way? There is way back to that healthy place of “longing” for His presence.

  • Cognitively recognize and admit you’ve lost your way.
  • Ask Father to forgive you and help you get back on track.
  • Submit yourself to changes that include Him rather than limit Him.

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