Who’s Idea Anyway?

“Family” Was Gods Idea

“If family was God’s idea, and ours is broken, shouldn’t we ask Him how to fix it?” ~ Bob Parr

Many of us come from homes with interesting ways and traditions. Some of these ‘ways’ were fun, unique, and well worth carrying on to the next generation/s. Some of them were hurtful, and destructive in many ways. Because of those destructive ways, some of us were longing for the day when we would see our ‘child-hood home’ in the rear view mirror for the last time.

For those of us that can identify with the “rear-view mirror” comment, perhaps some of those old  ‘feelings’ have re-surfaced at some point. When that happens, we may become a bit edgy or uncomfortable (fearful) remembering  that old environment or the people associated with those memories.

In His timing, God takes opportunity to re-surface those memories, for revealing to us our emotions that we might turn to Him. Then He can reveal to us His solution to our negative feelings. Often times we need to release and forgive someone, and ask God to redeem all of that time which was destructive and lost.

Besides, “family was Gods idea, if ours is broken, let’s ask Him to fix it!”

Biblical References;

Proverbs 22:23

Ephesians 6:2

Matthew 19:19

Luke 6:27

Ephesians 4:32

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