Where do you run during crisis?

As we experience the current worldwide crisis in the financial sector we all are effected one way or another. The recent US elections turned out a new Federal Government that promises “Change”, and for many Americans this creates a sense of crisis especially if you did not vote for “Change”. Relational crisis is something that all of us face at different degrees throughout our lifetime. Differences and conflicts with parents, siblings, children, special friends, bosses, subordinates, peers, pastors, policemen, strangers, and acquaintances too! Often times this fallout in relationships is devastating. We also have to consider these following (Barna Group) statistics  that I categorize into the arena of social crisis right here in emotional America!

58% of Americans suffer mild to moderate mental/emotional health problems.

24% of Americans suffer moderate to major mental/emotional health problems.

82% of America is emotionally unhealthy.

These figures are alarming, but any of us that take into consideration what constitutes mental/emotional issues, know that we ourselves are either a negative part of these stats or we are floating right on the border due to the way we process CRISIS in our lives!

I John 4:18 tells us that perfect (mature) love casts out all fear! Crisis produces fear, and fear entertained robs us of our peace. In essence mature fear casts out love. “You and I were created by Love, for love, to love!” (Jack Frost) God is love and if we are comfortable with love, then fear and crisis will not shake us because we find our peace in the presence of Love. Jesus, in His final crisis modeled a healthy reaction to crisis, as He hung on the cross, bleeding and bruised, rejected and mocked, physically dying with His expressed sense of peace through His prayer “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Let me encourage you in these times of financial, political, relational, and emotional crisis to not react in fear by running to false comforts (addictions, eating disorders, illegal sexual pleasures, isolation, or any type of unrighteous behavior), but respond by reflecting your Creator (Love) as you express love back to Him, and give it away to your fellow man. This, I promise will bring you much more peace in these times of crisis we all face.

Where will you run? Love or fear?

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