We Declare War!

I want to introduce a talented young lady that Kelly and I met in church last Sunday. We attend New Life In Christ International Ministries in Grandview, MO. Miss Monique Lucas presented this poem in that service and so much of it corresponds with my recent blog posts, I invited her to be a “guest blogger”.

Monique is a 27 year old college graduate, that loves music, art, writing and much more. She says “I just want to see a true change in people’s lives through the power of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy this poem, and visit her blog site to keep up with her thoughts and creative writings in the future.

Every Blessing to you as you read ~ Bob Parr


The enemy thought he had us beat
because there have been many causalities
But little did he know our strategy
is to raise up a young nation,
using God’s word;
battering this adversary

I’m talking about a generation of warriors.
Front line soldiers who refuse to believe
life is all about fast money, cars, and greed.

See, the media wants us to think that success for this generation is a no-go
But we wage war for this generation
Because there is hope
No matter what statistics claim
Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

So We Declare War

We wage war against this perverse & sinful environment
We wage war so that somebody will hear the good news and repent
We wage war because someone’s mother or father will receive salvation
Based off the godly lifestyle of THIS generation

We are warring where the devil has planted roots—

Years of abuse. Years of self-degradation
Years of strife among the brethren and suicide contemplation
Wickedness in this very nation
But this generation, has been called-out and chosen
for the Lord’s glorification.

We’re warring against the baby momma, baby daddy mentality
Generational curses running ramped in the family
But we’re warring to get our minds back to what God’s intentions are, see

We are in desperate need of a change.
And with our sling in hand, we’re taking aim.
We’re armored up. Made up.
Got our weapons laid up.
Raised up. Saved up.
But most of all
We’re prayed up

Because we declare war!

And though we fight many battles down here
I’m looking forward to that day
When Jesus appears
When sin and death will reign no more
And every man will receive his reward

Christ the King is coming back with a double edge sword
Giving Satan every beat down he had in store
Showing the world once and for all that Jesus is Lord!
But until then,
we’ll keep fighting
For our salvation is nearer now than ever before
But until that day comes,


By Monique Lucas

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