Unchained Hearts

An “Unchained Heart” is “a heart that is fearless, unhindered, and free to function at full capacity”.

Gods’ intention for humankind has always been intimacy with him, and with fellow-man. He deliberately created Adam from dust, blew in his nostrils, and had accomplished His plan for fellowship with man. God desires to pour out His “perfect expression” of Love into each one of us. The fall of mankind in the garden, through the disobedience and complacency of Adam and Eve created a void and/or schism, not in God’s heart  but in mans.

Disobedience established a distorted foundation by which we receive and give love.

If the first Adam had not fallen, we would all live in a perfect paradise, perfect intimacy and fellowship with God and man. There would not be any sickness, shame, or sin. Rather, we are living in a universe quite different from those variables. We have our flesh and sin to deal with perpetually. We experience sickness and decay as we age, and we struggle to truly love and receive love both from both God and man!

Therefore our hearts have been wounded (chained) by diverse variations of abandonment and/or rejection from primary relationships in our lives. This has created a void in many of our hearts and causes us to be in-confident in our true identity. Many of us suffer year after year and sometimes decades striving for “victory” but never getting past singing of it in our church pews!

The “Unchained Heart” is a reality that God has provided for us through His Son Jesus Christ!

•        God is love and love covers. (I John 4:16, I Peter 4:8)

•        God restores the heart that is humble. (Luke 15:21-24)

•        God the Father desires to pour out His love to us, and through us. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Can you identify with the idea of your heart being “chained up”?

Are you limited in the capacity of freedom  God intended for you to walk in?

There is hope!

Titus 2:11 tells us that the grace of God that brings us salvation has appeared to all men… and in 2:14 the end result of this revelation is Redemptive!

Jesus is our Hope!

He is the key to us living with “Unchained Hearts”!

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