Time Does Not Heal!

Time alone does not heal, God does! Recently I attended my 29 year old Nephews funeral. Patrick left behind his wife Carrie, his 4 year old son Joshua, my older brother (his dad), and their immediate family, and a host of other people that knew and loved Patrick.

This huge loss for my brother Hal and his wife Patty, stirred up some memories of my losing my youngest son Robert Jr. back in December of 2005. As I contemplate that reality, and remember the waves of grief that I experienced, and the boat loads of tears that I shed, I realize more and more that it is NOT time that has brought me healing, but it is GOD and His mercy that has done that.

Most of us have experienced loads of pain in our lifetime. We were not ever in a position to choose when we would suffer it, it just happens usually when we least expect it! Unwanted infants experience rejection verbally, and at times through physical abuse, and often times leading to murder. Adolescent children suffer rejection from peers, parents, strangers, and often times other relatives. Teens almost always suffer multiple broken heart experiences due to the frailty of romantic relationships and their unhealthy boundaries, and then again parental, peers, educators, bosses, etc. And then there is adult pain! When life becomes incredibly serious, and responsibilities increase, the potential for traumatic experiences comes with the progression. Failed marriage after decades, death of a spouse, death of a child, business wiped out. All of these and more bring a sense of failure, shame, confusion and fear into ones life. And the question is, “Where do we run to?”.

If one goes through all of these mentioned stages of his/her life experiencing diversities of pain along the way, and believes that “time will heal”, guess what? One is still not only carrying their pain from childhood, but has layered it, and sometimes added to the magnitude of it due to improper processing (example; “time will heal” or “it really wasn’t that wrong” or “that was a long time ago” or “it will fix itself” or “I’m not sure now if it really happened that way or not”) or no processing at all. Whether or not we don’t process pain due to ignorance of “how to” or plain old “denial”, EMOTIONAL PAIN DOES NOT JUST GO AWAY WITHOUT AFFECTS!

If you wrestle with depression, oppression, obsessions, addictions, inferiority or superiority complex, marital issues, relational issues on any level, or just realize the excess of “drama” in your life, often initiated by you or often involving you, perhaps you have some emotional pain (baggage) that you will want to unload.

At times like these when the economy is in a crunch and politics, jobs, relationships, and our future seem to be unpredictable, many of our buttons get pushed and we learn a lot about ourselves in terms of our frailty.

If you have been reading this, shaking your head yes and saying to yourself “Bob is reading my mail” then I would like to comfort you with these two facts; 1. You are in good company, much of the population of the planet is wounded emotionally. 2. There are many ministries available that are called to and are committed to seeing people not only get some healing emotionally, but learn to love God, others, and themselves at levels they have not yet experienced.

Contact us at info@freedomquestinternational.org for either scheduling your personal prayer ministry session/s with Kelly and I, or for a referral to someone in your geographical area.

Don’t put it off until another time, time does not heal, God does!

May the God of all comfort chase you down and express His love to you in a way you can receive it!



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