State of the Heart

A healthy “State of the Heart” is a heart that is able to turn worries, concerns, and very real and difficult circumstances over to God. It’s a heart that trusts God’s love, waits for His intervention, and remembers His “Good Father” nature. God’s intention has always been for our hearts to be whole, stable, full of faith in Him, knowing Him intimately, and acknowledging Him in all of our doings. Our hearts are to remain in “one peace” – no matter what our situation or circumstance might be.

But why is it that many of our hearts today still remain in a state of instability, division, indecisiveness, and fear?

James, brother of Jesus, reminds us in chapter 1 verse 8 that “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways”. Hence, divided thinking produces divided feelings, which produces distorted or dysfunctional behavior. If we choose to remain in that state of instability it will destroy our “love, joy and peace” – which is a healthy “State of the Heart”.

We were created by God to have hearts that trust and know how to rest.  Trust will always eliminate any fear from our heart. But why do we waver back and forth from trust to fear, fear to trust – causing our hearts to be divided. A healthy “State of the Heart” starts with healthy thinking.

Perhaps you’ve lost your job, a loved one has too suddenly passed away, a close relationship has gone sour or another one of life’s crisis has manifested itself.

What is your “State of the Heart”?

Are you wavering back and forth from fear to trust, trust to fear and find yourself to be unstable emotionally? Where do you go for your counsel, or direction? Consider your thought process. Begin to remind yourself of Who and How BIG your God is. Are you longing for peace to fill your heart right now?

How’s your “State of the Heart”?

The following prayer has the potential to influence your  “State of the Heart” today!

“Father God, I often find myself in a state of confusion, wavering back and forth like a teeter-totter from fear to faith, faith to fear. My mind takes me to places of fear and doubt and I am unstable much of the time. I long for Your peace to be the “State of my Heart”. Hear my cry for peace. Help me to see You as my Portion and my Everything. Help me to open my mind and my heart to Your perfect love that displaces fear. Father teach my mind and my heart to rest completely in You and Your abilities despite my weaknesses. In Jesus’ name I pray these things – so be them.

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    Thanks for reading my material… I hope it somehow is a blessing to you…. Bob

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