Re-program – Re-entry Part II

Many of us experience at least two forces working against us throughout our life-times. 1. Our childhood family environment with all it’s quirks and dysfunctions because humanity is full of wounded and imperfect people. 2. Our church family environment (depending greatly on where we landed). We are often taught from childhood (programmed), by example, and sometimes at church, that the character of God is something that it is not! Father God is often misrepresented as a harsh tax-master, performance oriented, or a judge, who at the slightest mistake or set back is prepared to lock your eternity up in a scorching hell where there is no hope, no help, and no water! Yikes!!!! That is not the Father that Jesus tells us about! That may be more like some of our earthly fathers?

Hence we need a “Re-programming” of our mental picture of  the very term “Father” (and other authorities) in our lives. And we need a “Re-Programming” of our perception of Who God Really Is? This will provide for us a healthy bridge to “re-entry” into the place that Father God intends for us to find safe haven, comfort, joy, peace, and that abundant life that we know the Bible talks about, but few ever experience it. How about it, do you want to experience that? Are you ready for a “Re-programming” so that you can experience a “Re-entry”?

Here are a few tweaks and upgrades that will help you in this process;

  1. Know that you were miraculously created and wonderfully made ~ Psalms 139
  2. Know you are eternally loved by God ~ Jeremiah 31:3
  3. Know that Father God loves you as He loves Jesus ~ John 17:23b
  4. Know that Father God is not judging your every move ~ John 5:22
  5. Know that you have a destiny in God ~ Jeremiah 29:11
  6. Know that it’s His kindness not “His Law” that draws you to repentance (change). ~ Romans 2:4

Finally, know that your earthly fathers house was probably not a good representation of your Heavenly Fathers House where there is full grown, Security~Love~Acceptance~Purpose available for you now and forever!

Every Blessing to you as you allow the Truth of the Word of God to transform your mind & thinking, and the impartation of His unconditional love that heals, and nourishes your wounded heart!

* It is imperative that we choose to forgive our dads for their shortcomings. If you need assistance in this contact us below:

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  1. This is an excellent word Bob! And I love the way you give 6 keys to the re-programming. Helps us know what to do and gives us a good place to start!

    1. Thanks Ginny for the compliment and encouragement! Thanks also for affirming the 6 tweaks to reprogramming! You are a blessing!

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