Re-program – Re-entry Part I

I remember when we first moved to Malaysia, we sat down to an Indian meal served on a banana leaf, rice, assorted veggies, chicken smothered in curry, chutney, and much more… with no silverware! We told our 12 year old son Josh, “forget everything we taught you about etiquette at the dinner table, and just dig in with your hands!”. He did, we did, but it seemed sooooooo foreign to me as the gravy made its way down my forearm to my elbow! Now after 15 years of walking out that seemingly drastic change, it seems like second nature to sit down to a meal with out silverware, and there is no more mess.

In our lives, we have been programmed to do, think, and even feel a certain way, by the “powers that be” in our past childhood environment. If it was an unstable environment, chances are we seem quirky to most of the population we rub shoulders with. Even if it was stable, we, not one of us is without anxieties and issues that can stand some tweaking. Perfect love and naked truth are the instruments of re-programming that we need. Most of us long for change, “re-programming”  in order for our personal quirks to be ironed out via the healing of our hearts. To some of us our sense is “nothing is wrong, but something’s not right!”. When we begin to experience “Re-program/Re-entry”, that strange new way of doing life, will become as natural as taking our next breath.

Many of us experienced homes where “I don’t trust you enough, to speak to you, about how I really feel” were three of the unspoken rules. Someone was controlling with fear tactics, and in that environment, honor, love, dignity, peace, purpose are almost non-existent. Later, we become young adults, or mature adults and read about “A Better Way” of doing life! It sounds, feels, and is foreign to us that “Father” God would love us unconditionally. We can begin to give that love away and treat others with dignity, purity, kindness, without any animosity at all. It’s like eating mashed potatoes and gravy with your hands at first, but becomes so natural because of His supernatural love for us!

  • Are you longing for change in your life?
  • In your life is this accurate ~ “nothing is wrong, but something’s not right”?
  • How bad do you desire a greater freedom in your life?

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