The Principle Thing

Wisdom is The Principle ThingThe Principal Thing

Wisdom – Knowing what is right and choosing to do it!

Wisdom does not only refer to being smart! Wisdom actually refers more to action than knowledge. Hence the definition “knowing what is right and choosing to do it”.

2 Parts & The Principle Thing

Wisdom is a two part function. It’s similar to the old boxing idiom “Give em the ole 1-2 punch!” It is first “knowing” and second “choosing”. Let’s talk about the first thing “knowing”. In Proverbs 4:7 NKJV the Bible says this about it; [pullquote]A wise person enjoys peace in their life because their actions create an environment of such. [/pullquote]

“Wisdom is the principal thing;
Therefore get wisdom.
And in all your getting, get understanding.”

Knowledge & The Principle Thing

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We pretty much know when we are doing right or doing wrong. There are exceptions to that, but for the most part, we really do know what is right. Our upbringing has a lot to do with developing our values, morals and ethics. Things like honesty, integrity, kindness, discretion, honor, purity and much more are modeled for us, or NOT! So for some of us, we need to work on “getting understanding” a bit more, as the Bible puts it.

Choices & The Principle Thing

Secondly, the actual doing the right thing. Here is the major dilemma for many of us. [pullquote]The level of godly character development that we walk in governs the choices we make throughout each day.[/pullquote]We are all made up as a trichotomy (spirit, soul, and body). Our spirit (when born again) desires to please God. Our soul is self seeking and desires to please our temporal senses. The victor of this constant “tug of war” is determined by the level of character development we walk in.

The Challenge & The Principle Thing

[pullquote]If it feels good, I will ask Father God if I can do it.[/pullquote]A soulish term often used in my teenage years was this “if it feels good, do it!”. This type of philosophy clearly caters to self and often leads one down a less peaceful path. Let me challenge you and I with this revised decision making process. If it feels good, I will ask Father God if I can do it.

In so doing we will develop a keener ear to hear God, a purer heart to follow Him, and develop a more godly character to reflect who He is to this troubled world. For a deeper understanding and challenge in this teaching get A Taste of Freedom 2 CD Audio Series

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