Pressed Down or Pressing In?


In the past year or so we have all been faced with many changes. There are some things in our lives that no matter how hard times get, should not be shaken. Our hope!
We could look at “change” as a test or whatever our mind can imagine. But like the 1st century church under heavy persecution, we too are finding out where our faith lies. Do we really believe? Is God really in control of my life?
Several months ago, God gave me a message to deliver entitled “Where do you run?”. I have preached this message in several venues in North America, and in fact, we offer it as an audio resource. (Click Here)
What it boils down to, is how do we respond to difficult change? Do we respond to the pressure like an olive would under this press?
For Kel and I, being just days away from transitioning from South Carolina to Kansas City, Missouri, and (at this writing) not having secured a new address yet, could be a disturbing time for us. We have accepted the change, but the transition is not complete! But God is our hope! That’s a good word in itself! “But God is our hope!” We could very easily give up, lose hope, turn back, and re-focus on self or on our problems while losing sight of our calling and the promises of God. As the pressure mounts, we are crushed in that process.

As you walk through transitional seasons in your life, are you “pressed down or pressing in”?
Paul declares in Philippians 3:12-14
to pay little mind to the past, trust God for the now, and “Press On” into the future hope we have in Christ Jesus. (my paraphrase of course!)
When change does come, and we’ve lost sight of our “hope”, we often turn to a false comfort, an old addiction or perhaps a new one. This choice starts a cycle in our Christian walk that hinders us from living as over-comers! The key is found in Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and are safe. Tell me something, in dramatic times in your life “Where do you run?”
I want to encourage you to press in to Father, He is that Strong Tower, and not be pressed down, by focusing on the problems you face. We will always have dramatic seasons, life itself is a series of transitions.
In conclusion, I heard part of a message recently that our destinies include things we transition into, through, and out of all simultaneously. Stretching is good for us as long as we don’t snap! Let’s approach these times with our eyes fixed on our Hope, what God promises in Proverbs 18:10.
Unity – Trust – Self Discipline – Courage – Faith – Hope – Love These are a few of the virtues that will see us through.Press in to our only Hope!
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  1. † God Speed You Love! †


    † You block your dreams when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith †

  2. kelly says: Reply

    Excellent writing… and I know you live it cuz I be your wife!

  3. Monica says: Reply

    I had the same dream for the last 2 days: sbdy pressing hard my shoulders down. Today, I open my Twitter and this message is there! No coincidence! God speaks out loud to us through His loyal workers!Thanks! Keep up your awesome work. =)

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