Pain & The Fix

“Haven’t we always needed God?” I am convinced that this will become more paramount as the days and months continue on in this world wide financial crisis. As we are daily made aware of decline in money markets, with increased stress levels, the need for God will increase.  I repeat! “Haven’t we always needed God?” Of course, but so many people have gotten used to sedating their stress, their pain, and other needs in their lives with idols, oops I mean items, or did I mean idols?

Anyway, most folks cannot afford the sedatives (false comforters) anymore. Some of these sedatives come in the form of eating disorders, substance abuse, pornography, gambling,  shopping spree’s, extra-marital relationships, and many other false comforts that only bring temporary relief from pain that seems to be perpetually mounting. It just keeps coming! There has got to be a “Fix”!

I have found that in “my years” of sedating my pain, and that being most of my non-Christian days, and much of my journey as a Christian, I would seek out wrong solutions for real needs. Only in the past 5 years now have I learned that if I want to experience a real freedom in my life, and really learn how to unload my burdens, I mean really unload the things I can’t handle, that there is a Way. I know, we have all heard the cliché’s that religion has to offer us, and we all wanted to throw up. I am not talking about a religion, I am talking about a relationship with your Creator. Call me fanatic, but know this, I have found a calm in the midst of an emotional storm that would make Louisiana’s “Katrina” look like a summer breeze. This “calm” is the “Fix”.

Are you experiencing a deadly gale that won’t quit in your life personally? Is your family under attack from an unknown force that seems to be overwhelmingly strong, and all hope is seemingly gone? Is your community, city, state, country slowly deteriorating into a warzone, that crises of every kind seems to be prevailing and you can see no end to the down spiral economically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually?

Any time in my life when I have needed real help desperately, I have learned to get help from someone that has experienced the predicament I am in because they have been there and know the way out. My wife and I have been through more in our lives than most people would care to imagine, and we are still married, still in love, and still living to help others, and we have healthy motives. Helping others to increase their quality of life emotionally, physically (nutritional), and spiritually. Kelly and I do various conferences in corporate settings that reach groups of various sizes such as house churches, churches large or small, multiple churches in communities, both in North America and/or internationally. We also offer what we call prayer ministry for couples or individuals, leaders and lay people. These sessions can last from as little as a one hour session, to 5 hours per day for 3 or 4 days depending on the need. Are you or your community in need of this “Fix” I have been talking about?

If you sense within yourself personally the need for ministry as described above or on our webpage and would like to contact us about that, please click on the contact tab on the homepage and we will gladly respond to your inquiry.

If your church would be interested to move into a more intimate relationship with Father God, who’s love is perfect in every way and not as far away as many would think, please have your Pastor contact us via our webpage . Freedom Quest International would love to come to your city and be a part of God’s approach to  crises through imparting His Love!

Every Blessing,

Bob Parr

Freedom Quest International

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