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  • Walk it out!

    …we can learn godly and biblical principles “til the cows come home” but we will not see real and lasting change in our lives, increase in spiritual maturation until what we have learned has been applied.

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  • Time Does Not Heal!

    Time alone does not heal, God does! Recently I attended my 29 year old Nephews funeral. Patrick left behind his wife Carrie, his 4 year old son Joshua, my older brother (his dad), and their immediate family, and a host of other people that knew and loved Patrick. This huge loss for my brother Hal […]

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  • Changing the Environment!

    We often times hear and read slogans being chanted on the news and newspapers “save the whales”, “hug a tree”, or “protect the environment”. I would like to suggest to us that God is ready for us to “change the environment”. Yes, I believe God would want us to become “environmentalists”. Many of us operate […]