Will the Old Man Please Sit Down?

Will the Old Man Please Sit Down?OldmanSquare

The Old Man is the fleshly me. And the fleshly me in all of us can be found in our belief system. Whatever our orientation to life has been determines what we will accept and reject as TRUTH and hence our morals and values are formed in this way. These are ever changing they are not static. This is why the scripture tells us in Romans that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”. The more we hear truth, the more potentially life-changing principles are added into our personal value system which makes us into the true spiritual me.

Old Man Natural Man

We choose to do what we think, what we feel, what we want, when we want, where we want, and with whom we want! Can you see the progression that can add to or destroy our lives and the lives of others around us? It can also hinder our ability to experience God in deeper and more intimate ways. People who are successful in their spiritual journey have learned to “bring every thought into obedience” as II Corinthians 10:5 tells us.

  • What we think… is where we ponder the myriad of thoughts that go through our minds. This forms our belief system.
  • What we feel… our emotions which all to often sway our path in ways that grieves the Spirit of God within us. (See James 1:14,15)
  • What we want… this is where we get in trouble, our ungodly desires. That voice that keeps calling to us, urging us to succumb to our flesh.
  • What we do… Finally, we do what we desire unless we govern ourselves according to the Spirit and the truth in the Word of God.

Old Man Real Me

Sometimes the new spiritual me gets hijacked by the old fleshly me, that Old Man nature, and we drift back into our old value system later finding ourselves wallowing in guilt and shame. This renders us spiritually and relationally crippled.

I say come Holy Spirit! Convict us of our bad choices, grow us into the mature sons and daughters of Father God that You intended for us. Have mercy on us and change us, cleanse us, and eternally form us into the image of Your Son Jesus!

Sometimes we just need to tell ourselves… Will the Old Man please sit down? Will The Spiritual Man please rise up?

I hope this has helped you on your journey… to find The Real Spiritual You.

Helpful tools;   I recommend you also read A Matter of Death and Life

  • Pray often in the Spirit and in the understanding.
  • Stir up the Holy Spirit that is within you daily.
  • Read and actively process biblical devotionals daily.
  • Wait in His presence with instrumental soaking music.
  • Know that Father God is not judging you, rather perpetually calling you to your destiny.
  • Always recognize and reject those ungodly thoughts that are of the old man nature.

Every Blessing,

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  1. Gina Browne says: Reply

    Love this, Bob!! Been missing you on FB. And I’m so glad you have moved on into another level… a ‘higher’ one– whatever that means. …(ha)… (Aren’t you glad that God measures success in ways we do not know?)

    1. Thanks Gina for the encouragement! I needed the break from FB but it feels good to be back and to hopefully be an encouragement to the FB masses!!! Glad you enjoyed the blog… I am working on an eBook and it will soon be released… Blessings… Bob

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