Men, We’re Stuck!

Historically and traditionally we men have not taken full responsibility in pointing our children to a loving God and His ways.

So if we men have not been doing it… who has?

Who leads Sunday School classes, prays with our children before bedtime, and fills the majority of seats in our churches?

Almost always…  the women.

Where are the fathers? What has happened to our priorities?

“Men, We’re Stuck!”

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians in chapter 4:15,16 says “For although you may have ten thousand others to teach you about Christ, remember that you have only me as your father. For I was the one who brought you to Christ when I preached the Gospel to you. 16 So I beg you to follow my example and do as I do.” (TLB)

Fatherless-ness is a problem our society has been facing both in the world and in the church for decades. Paul said “follow my example and do as I do.” as a spiritual father. Children need to see their father as a spiritual person setting an example that godliness continue through to the generations.

My declaration …”Men, We’re Stuck!” is an acknowledgment, and a prayer for men to rise up and take our responsibility in our families both at home and spiritually. Ed Piorek quotes in his book Father Loves You that “this very night, 40% of American children will sleep in a home where their biological fathers do not live!” I wept when I read this because I myself have contributed to this statistic as a father. How about you? Or do you know someone that has?

The leadership problem in the first century church was a problem of spiritual maturation and is still a problem today.

“Men, we’re stuck!”

As fathers and spiritual leaders of today, let’s take ownership. We have a mandate to “lead” our families through the tough times, not “run” from responsibility, abandoning our families.

This is a wake-up call!

Men, if we deny our responsibility as priest of the home, it is certain to hinder our spiritual maturation as stated in I Corinthians 15:46. Only “we” can change the statistics and be a more accurate representation of our Heavenly Father to our families and the generations of children that follow.

Consider the changes God may be asking you to make.  How can you make a difference in your wife & children’s lives as a father both in the natural and spiritual?

Men, we don’t have to remain stuck!

You have a destiny and God will see you through if you submit your ways to Him.

My question to you today; Will you seek to be a true son to your Heavenly Father and be trained by Him to become a spiritual example to your family first and then to others?

Here are a few steps that will help you get started…

1.        Begin by praying… “Help me, change me, Father me”.

2.        Love your family back to life. Be deliberate in this.

3.        Model humility – admit your weakness as well as strengths.

4.        Prefer others above self.

5.        Live a lifestyle of repentance. (actively initiate self-change)

In doing so, you will be modeling godliness to those around you, challenging yourself to a better way of life, and fulfilling a huge part of God’s will for your life!

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