A Matter of Death and Life

A Matter of Death and LifeDeath-n-Life-Square

This truly is a Matter of Death and Life. One of the deadliest adversaries we have as followers of Jesus is our self-will. With this freedom to choose what is best for ourselves, we MUST incorporate our minds which are often soulish. This is where the problem lies. Our soul feeds on comforts, possessions, status, and survival.

Death and Life of Jesus

The Word teaches us a principle that is contrary to this. “Unless a grain of wheat (that which is living), falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” John 12:24 NKJV [my parentheses]

What if Jesus at Gethsemane would have succumbed to His flesh, focused on survival, and drew a sword with Peter? Or if He would have called down a legion of angels to protect Him from the worldly powers that be? What if He would have given in to self? But because it was… A Matter of Death and Life… He didn’t!

Death and Life Training

He had trained His soul and His mind to “die” to comfort, possessions, status, and survival, and rather foresee the eternal benefits that lie ahead through His death and resurrection. He trusted His Fathers plan more than His own soul.

What is it in your life that will help you train your soul and mind to die to comfort, possessions, status, and survival for the spiritual fruit or life that lies ahead? I encourage you to also read Will the Old Man Please Sit Down

Death and Life for Us

I encourage us all, today, to continue to train. Continue to die to our soulish desires. Renew our minds to die to that which is temporary that we and others might really live to the fullest. It’s A Matter of Death and Life!

Every Heavenly Blessing,

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  2. Kathy says: Reply

    As I begin this journey of fasting/detoxing/soul searching, these are great words of encouragement. It is in every moment of every day that we must be Practicing the Presence of the Lord and dying to self. Thanks so much.

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