Masculine Affection God’s Way

Masculine Affection Nurturesmasc-affect

Men, your primary purpose and the way God made us in our masculinity is what I call masculine affection. When we are walking out this role it fills any and every love void in our spouses. Our ladies are drawn to this masculine affection with pure motives for real love, Gods way.

 Originally, God made us men to be physically more apt (masculine) so we could care for our families. That is building, providing, protecting, and teaching. Culture has changed a bit in the last few thousand years. Rather than gathering, building, hunting and living off the land, we all  have 40 plus hours per week jobs so we can pay for homes, food and essentials. All things now have monetary value. Although physical strength is a plus in this day and age, it is not essential to survival in most cases.

 Masculine Affection Our Primary Purpose

Let’s get back to our primary purpose and the way God made men. Masculine affection is still our primary role in the family and in the community. Godly character governing our decisions, reasons, and choices emulate Jesus’ life to our loved ones. This creates an environment of security, integrity, favor, and peace which is what God desires for us all to experience.

 A husband or fathers “Masculine Affection” teaches our wives and our sons and daughters healthy human existence Gods way. It models healthy boundaries and helps regulate righteous behavior in our family tree.

 I wish I knew in the 70’s what I know now! I hope this helps you and your family!

Every Heavenly Blessing,

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