The point of command on a ship is usually known to be the “Wheel-house” where we might envision a grey haired sea veteran that has a wealth of adventure stories to tell his grandkids when back on land. I use the analogy of a ship not because I have ever been a sailor, but rather because Kel & I received this revelation that way through prayer. In perilous times like this we all face possibilities of the economy going belly up, change of command in the White House, business’s closing left and right, not to mention the struggles that churches and para-church ministries face due to the affects of the economy fallout. If you are a leader that is faced with a decision to soon “throw in the towel”, “jump ship”, “abort the mission” or whatever term you want to use, before you “throw out the baby with the bathwater”, I want to encourage you to be sure your not supposed to do just the opposite, “baton down the hatches”, or “stay the course”! The greatest victories in history were a result of leadership “staying the course”. As for me, this is the second year that I will lead Freedom Quest International, a time when in the natural it would seem wise to “abort the mission”. Finances are down, bills are due and increasing, and invitations are more scarce! We will “stay the course” until our Commander sends RELEASE or RELIEF! Release would be a clear communication from the TOP to “abort the mission”. Relief would be providential, and the realization of His promises! Until we have orders in hand, signed and sealed, without reserve, changes from the TOP, we will stay in the fight! Honor and dignity to a soldier would be to “take his last breath in the midst of the fight”! Are you willing to “stay the fight” until victory is realized? A successful leader is;

  1. Committed to the Vision – (leads by faith in the promise, not fear)
  2. Focused on the Task – (delegates cleanup of fragmentation & spearheads the solution”)
  3. Tenacious to Achieve – (foresees the victory dance until the realization of it)

We see these three characteristics in the heart of Jesus, Son of God, Commander in Chief, King of Kings! He was able to complete His calling because He realized He was Co-Operating with His Father. John 5:19 “I only do what I see My Father doing…”

Faith in the promises of His Father (intimacy and trust) took Him to that place of highest honor and dignity, death in the fight, His final battle at Calvary, and the victory three days following with resurrection power.

Fear never thwarted his focus (secure and courageous), He delegated the 12 and essentially us to continue the mission (we are in a battle zone) as He focused on the ultimate solution.

Tenacity to finish the course (envisioning the victory dance) enabled Him to endure the beatings, accusations, road march, and crucifixion as He considered the Eternal Kingdom He would realize through His “staying the course”.

What is Father God saying to you about your mission and vision? Have you received a revision to your assignment? Do you have your orders of “release” or “relief”?

read a prophetic note I received recently from Isabel A.

“PREPARE FOR THE SEASON OF PLUNDER THAT IS COMING… The Lord spoke to us and said that He is preparing to release the blessing of king Jehoshaphat on His people. As the world is experiencing trouble and insecurity, God will start pouring His favour on His people in a way that has never been experienced before. But, the eyes of His people have to be fixed on Him and His promises, and not on the circumstances. The Lord has seen your faithfulness in the battles and is going to take over and defeat your enemies, as He did for king Jehoshaphat, and, instead of fighting, you will collect the spoils of the battles. The season of the plunder is now at hand and, a transition has now begun. God is taking all of us individually and corporately, out of the Valley of the Battle and into the Valley of the Blessing! Let’s rejoice for the world and our enemies will know that God is for us and not against us. The manifestation of this reality will be a sign and a wonder in itself causing many to come to us for refuge, and as a result, many will find salvation.”

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    Excellent and challenging word! Well communicated honey!

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