Just How Deep?

I have heard it taught “there are two kinds of people…
1. Those working through their issues.
2. Those in denial that they have issues”!
I truly believe that even those of us who have chosen to work through our stuff, have certain things that are not healthy in our lives, but refuse to acknowledge them as a legitimate issue.  My observation is that we all have a bit of denial in us, my question to you is, just how deep is your denial?

When I first decided to blog about denial, God showed me an image of a river and a ravine. The river represented the “River of Life” where Spiritual life (water) flows, we can drink, wade, tread, be engulfed in, and even be baptized for complete surrender to His presence, ways, and agenda. The other, the ravine, was a deep, rocky, almost waterless river bed, with dried out trees, and the only thing that appeared to be alive was some moss. The water that was present, was stagnant. The moss represented a subtle remnant of spiritual life that used to be.

I would love to see a National Geographic documentary on the activities that take place in ravines! One thing you will find is divers predators! It’s their hidden highway through the forest, and all along the way they prey on those animals that find themselves in the ravine looking for watering holes. Hmmmm, sound familiar? Looking for the right thing, in the wrong place, and suddenly death has its way. If we dwell in the ravine of denial for very long, we will become prey. I Peter 5:8ff  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

I am writing this not because I have arrived at a lofty place of purity in my walk, but quite the contrary. I am beginning to understand humanity due to my own weakness’ and denial. I am writing this that you may consider your own walk, and perhaps make any adjustments that the Holy Spirit would quicken to you. My heart is one with Paul in Titus 22-25 who pleads with Titus to help those struggling, but to God all Glory!

I encourage you, if you identified with those who have become thirsty prey wandering in the ravine of sparsity to rise up out of the ravine (denial), ask a trusted friend to speak into your life concerning the issue. Rise up onto that higher ground, run! Run until your heart takes you to where your ears hear nothing but that rushing water of life. Psalm 46:1ff encourages us that God is our refuge, that THERE IS A RIVER whose streams make glad the city of our God! Run, rise up and run into the river of God, and you will be refreshed and set free from fear of the unknown, fear of man, fear of death, fear of famine, fear of sickness! God is bigger than all of those lies the devil has used to toy with you back in the ravine. Rise up! Run!

Be encouraged!

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  1. This is an excellent post Bob! The picture the Lord gave you is incredible and I love the analogy of what is in the ravine, and what you can do in a river that flows.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I pray that everyone who hears the sound of God’s Voice from this blog today will “rise up onto that higher ground, run! Run until your heart takes you to where your ears hear nothing but that rushing water of life” Father keep us from the ravines of denial and cause us to come to You, completely and fully feed of Your Living Water.

    Thank you for this blog today, it was very inspiring!
    God Bless You Much!

  3. good, dad. I like the part where u say “ask a trusted friend to speak into your life.” I think this is the key point. Many of us are aware of some of our denial, but do little about getting out of it. Once confiding in a friend, that also lends opportunity to pray with someone about your denial… and then together you can run and jump in the river of life! That’ll make a bigger splash. HA!

  4. Tami says: Reply

    Great inspiration! The Lord has given you a gift in written communication! I look forward to reading more.

  5. Hi Bob,
    Great post. Definitely hits where we all live.

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