“Judging Others” How to Overcome

Judging Others and How to Overcomejudging others

Judging others? If you are saying right about now “I don’t have a problem with Judging Others“, maybe ask yourself this; do I ever get angry or disagree with my parents, spouse, boss, government, banker, barber, children, best friend, God, yourself or any one else? Then you may well benefit from this 3 Part video series “Judging Others”  How to Overcome.

Every Heavenly Blessing, ~ James 1:17

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  1. I also learn through the application of using “Judge Not” in the book of Matthews 7:1….As it became it became “MY”, When I began to live and move in this scripture,it also gave me access to discernment of Spirits…It truly did!!!!

    1. Melisda Sinaga says: Reply

      very powerful message what Bob Parr share…

      1. Bob Parr says:

        Thanks Melissda… I am glad this touched you too all the way over in North Sumatra!!! Missing all of my Bukit Doa family!!!! Hope to see you early next year!!!

    2. Thanks for sharing and taking time to comment! God promises that His Word will not return void or empty and truly He is fulfilling that in your life as you open your heart and your Bible… God Bless you richly my friend…. Bob

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