Is Inner Healing From God?

The term “inner healing” often times gets a bad rap in many Christian circles. The Biblical support for this negativity is often II Corinthians 5:17   Therefore, if anyone [is] in Christ, [he] [is] a  new   creation ; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become  new . (NKJV) The context of this verse is all about the “Reconciliation” of man to God. Many believe that this means we are somehow automatically free from fleshly passions, lusts, addictions, and other sin and tendencies upon our “born again” experience. If that is the case, why do many Christians fall back into old addictive patterns that once before controlled them? Why then do so many of us still deal with “anger” issues at home with our spouses, or children, to include friends or colleagues when they are not around? I believe that our “Born Again” experience opens the door for that much needed healing of our emotions. We need to process our past experiences through releasing forgiveness towards those who have abused us. We are to mimic Christ Jesus, whom Paul talks about in Galatians 5:1 “It was for Freedom, that Christ has set us free!” (my paraphrase). He set us Free through forgiveness of our sins. We can mimic Jesus by setting those people free that wounded us by forgiving them for the pain inflicted on us. Really, the nuts and bolts (or essentials) of “Inner Healing” consists of walking out forgiveness, renouncing and repenting of judgments and false expectations we place on people! To me, this seems very Christ-like!

After we release comes the increase in our spiritual maturation process! When we are hurting, we hurt others, when we are free, we free others! First comes the healing process in our hearts, then comes an accelerated character building, or the “transformation of our inner man” as John Sanford entitled his Best Seller.

Here is a worthy statement to ponder; “The “healing of emotions” is different than the “building of character”. We are talking about inviting Father God or “Perfect Love” to come and heal us of (take) our pain, and then we begin to see more clearly to make decisions better or more healthily. ”

I pray that you have had an “Ahaaaaaa” moment from this blog post and would you like to further explore these freedoms and accelerate the maturation process in your spiritual walk.

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  1. Hi. I think this blog post is amazing. A lot of us Christians are missing out on the FREEDOM that is in Christ by making excuses for our sinful nature, God wants to heal us from mental negativity and it takes Him; a life of prayer, spending time with the Father, anyway! Thank you for this !!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes I agree with you that we the Body of Christ are missing out on a lot of freedom in Christ that we could enjoy. We pray for increased understanding, open hearts to forgive and release offenders, and an infilling of His Spirit to lead, comfort, and teach us all. Blessings…. Bob

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