The Home Coming

The Home Coming

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Once upon a time there was a wealthy landowner.

He had an older son, and a younger son.

The young son became rebellious and wanted to leave.

He was so rebellious that he asked for his inheritance prematurely.

His father was reckless with love and gave him what he asked for.

This young country boy wasted all that his father had given him, in the city, on wine, women and partying.

The whole time he was gone the father sat at home longing for his sons return.

The young son found himself starving to death.

He remembered how good he had it at his fathers house.

He sat out for home with a healthy heart and a skinny stomach.

His father who had been waiting desperately and longing for him, saw him from a great distance.

The father was so excited to see his son he lifted his robe and ran to him and kissed him.

At the sons return the father threw a great big celebration in honor of his son that had come home.

This son had completely failed, but because of the fathers love, He was completely restored.

Meanwhile, the older brother heard all the noise of the party.

He asked the hired hands “what’s all that racket?”

They said “your brother’s come home and your father is throwing a big party.

At that report, the older brother was very angry.

He wouldn’t even so much as go in, and the father had to come out to him and speak with him.

The older brother said “all these years I have always done everything you asked me..”

“but you never so much as threw me a little gathering!”

“but when this rebellious son of yours came home, you threw him a huge party.”

But the loving father responded “son every thing that I have is yours”.

“We have to celebrate. Your brother was lost and now he’s come home”.

Father God is like that!

Whether we have rebelled against His plan for us, or perhaps we were striving for His acceptance until we were as cold as ice!

Father God longs for us all to experience His embrace as a loving Father!

Won’t you come home too?

This is your invitation to The Home Coming

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