Hold Our Tongue!

Hold Our TongueHold Our Tongue

Have you ever caught yourself spewing out a barrage of words that don’t produce life, but rather tear down, discourage, belittle and or defame another person whether within their hearing range or not? Sometimes we wish we could take those words back, other times in our stubborn prideful state we hold to an attitude of they deserved that, and I am 100 % right and accurate.

The truth is, we often grieve the Holy Spirit in the way we speak to and of each other (See Ephesians 4:29,30), especially in our family settings. Shaming, sarcasm, contempt, and every other condescension. This never brings life.

The truth is… it is pleasing to God when we Hold Our Tongue. Not literally, but verbally or course.

I love this illustration; Take a normal sized tube of toothpaste and empty a glob of it into your hand. Now that you have spewed out this mess, try and put it back into the tube. It is the same way with our words. Once we have said them, it is near to impossible to take them back. It would be better for us to learn to Hold Our Tongue.

For generations, moms everywhere have instructed their children by saying if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all which basically instructs us to Hold Our Tongue.

I believe that the better we get at not speaking out everything that passes through our carnal mind until it has been filtered through the mind of Christ within us, that our relationship with the Holy Spirit will be enhanced by leaps and bounds! Our words will be life giving as opposed to cutting and tearing down.

Hold Our Tongue

Pray with me that we the Body of Christ would get much better at obeying the words of our mothers, and the Word of God to love in word and deed, and choose to… Hold Our Tongue until we know it will produce life to our hearers.

I hope this helps us all,

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