Heart Conditioned for Life II

Much could be said and has been said about this subject of our heart (emotions & mentality). I want to encourage you towards your Maker. He is your Father who loves you with perfect love, despite your imperfections! When He created you He knew that;

Your Heart Determines Your Future

Here are a few self evaluation tools to help you determine your “heart health”!

Consider how often your thoughts and conversation are negative? 20%-40%-60% or more?

Do any of these statements resemble your thought patterns?

  • Other people are more important than me, my life is unrepairable.
  • I never get those “lucky breaks” like my friends and colleagues.
  • I am unlikeable, unlovable, and God doesn’t have an important purpose for my life.
  • At times I wish my life would end.
  • With all my sinful behavior, God will never be happy with me.
  • The whole world is full of idiots and I wish I could call the shots.
  • I deserve a whole lot more in this life, considering all my time and efforts.
  • You just can’t trust anybody these days, people are always in it for themselves.
  • I will never really enjoy life, these days that is NOT possible!

Your Heart Determines Your Future

If you could identify with one or any of the above statements, please take a moment right now and speak to God. Say “Father, my heart is unhealthy and so I place it in Your hands to reshape, rekindle, and re-align it with Your thoughts about me and my life. Your plan gives me and IS my only HOPE! Thank You Father for caring about me and loving Me. Amen”

Watch for Part III of this blog post coming soon…

Verses to ponder;

Proverbs 3:5,6, Romans 12:1,2, Psalm 139 and James 4:7,8

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  1. May the Lord richly bless you and yours this Advent season! We at Deerbrook are proud of you and praying God’s best for you!

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