Grateful Heart of a Son

Grateful Heart of a SonGrateful Heart

Having the grateful heart of a son, I live to see people restored and empowered to live out their destiny in God. From my own personal challenges and living a life of a victim emotionally for so much of my past, God has over the years led me to greater levels of freedom then I thought possible. This came via a fresh revelation of how much Father God loves me unconditionally of course, but also I now realize He likes to be around me.

For this reason and so many more, I have a grateful heart of a son.

Grateful Heart of a Son

This grace that I have found in His perfect love has the potential to free everyone who is or has been in bondage even for decades! My blogs, our conferences, and even our “one on ones” are just a taste of that freedom by which Christ has set us free.

As you observe my journey through my writings and our life’s assignments via my blog and our website, I pray you will glean “gems” that will enhance your life, your relationships, and your walk with Our Father who loves us with perfect love.

Thrilled to be His son.

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