Fixing Frantic

Fixing Frantic

Fixing Frantic
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Fixing Frantic – Have you ever found yourself almost overwhelmed with fear? I believe that much of the depression that we experience is both initiated and sustained by fear. So where does this fear come from and how do we deal with it?

II Timothy 1:7 says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear…” so we know that God is not scary, in fact He provides us a remedy for Fixing Frantic in His word… please read on.

There are several types of fear mentioned in the Bible. Here is one type to consider;

Romans 8:15 (NKJV) For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

It is the type fear that grips you and dominates your thinking, it overtakes your emotions so that you cannot easily experience the positive emotions such as joy, laughter, rest, or peace that comes when we truly know the Father.

Rather you become controlled by this invisible uneasy feeling that grips your gut, robs you of sleep, and sends you into a state of negativity. It can interfere with your appetite, your sleep, your physical health, your daily productivity and hence destroy your life and relationships.

This type fear is Biblically described as the emotional state of one that is in bondage. And the Greek word and definition for this type fear is; Fear – GK ~ phobos {fob’-os}  fear, dread, terror

Note the similarity to our “phobia”?

Fixing Frantic

One of the most comforting passages whenever one is struggling with “phobos” is the famous Psalm 91.

  • What is it that you fear the most?
  • Is this fear controlling your thoughts and robbing your peace?

If yes, why not follow this link and meditate on Psalm 91, letting Father God comfort you by Fixing Frantic with His Word?

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  1. I’ve been going through situations where I’ve felt overwhelming fear and anxiety over what seems to be not so large matters. Anyway, I had an anxiety attack about 1 month ago and since that time I’ve developed a routine of reading my bible and praying each day. What scares me is that I will have more of them in the future, and what I’ve read that it’s not healthy to think that way. I’d like to think I’m making strides toward becoming free from anxiety & fear, but It’s also a slow going process. Thanks for this blog Bob!

    1. Mike says: Reply


      God created us to be fearless and faithful. He loves you and is standing beside you watching and waiting to rescue you when you call his name. Rest assured that He will never give you more than you can handle. Walk in confidence that your Savior is ready to leap to help with your fear. God will free you from this anxiety, but He needs you to depend on his way and not your own understanding. God is great! He is the great liberator. Love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and he will transform your life for eternity.

      Saved by the Grace of God

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