Drink this in…

You’ve heard the old saying “you are what you think”?  Well, to be sure, it truly does make a difference what we believe, and what we believe has already gone through our thinking processes. What we think and believe helps govern the way we respond to life in all its circumstances. Often times similar events happen to us that are in our memory and old emotions and thoughts (usually negative) come back to haunt us. See my wife’s latest blog post “No more dressing up”. Whatever we believe or believed about that initial event will be re-activated and we find ourselves leaning towards the same old response, feelings, fears, and often times “sense of defilement”. It’s like “drinking in poison” and the effects soon begin to manifest. This creates major hindrances to our peace, tranquility, and joy. It’s impossible to experience intimacy with fear present!

Now get ready to “Drink this in…”

Our minds work by way of association. Have you ever noticed any time you engage in conversation, firstly you hear the subject, then your mind unconsciously scans for entries or past experiences relative to that subject, next you choose to share or be quiet about that association? Interestingly, we are all products of our past. The good with the bad, the constructive with the destructive. Some have said, “I am what I am today, because of the hardships I have been through.” If that is the case for you, my question is “are you “drinking in” the poison of judgment-shame-rejection, or that which gives life?”

Getting thirsty yet?

When I teach about father issues, I teach from my weakness’ as a father, and it often stimulates similar memories to my audience. They can re-connect with their pain, appropriate it, and then they are usually really ready to enhance their belief system so they can “drink this in..”

John 17:23 says that Father God who is eternal, has, is, and will love us the same way He loves His Son Jesus (my paraphrase). That reality will quench the driest, hardest, emptiest thirst a heart could ever have. To be loved by the Father unconditionally, has the potential to eradicate the most deadly poison one could “drink in”.

The next time you find yourself “drinking in” negative thoughts and circumstances from yesterday or yesteryear;

“Drink this in..”

  1. You are Safe
  2. You are Loved unconditionally
  3. You are Accepted
  4. You have Purpose

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  1. Scott says: Reply

    That is a great post! Life is so much more when we can drink in the truth and leave no room for lies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Johnna says: Reply

    Awesome post, Dad! Love ya.

  3. Drink from the ONLY fountain that give you life: JESUS! When you drink from HIS fountain you will never thirst again & your mind will be renew every day! We go from glory to glory to fullfil HIS vision & purpose in us. Bob, I love this in your post:
    “Drink this in..” 1.You are Safe 2.You are Loved unconditionally 3.You are Accepted 4.You have Purpose
    When you drink from HIM, you are blessed to be a blessing to others! Ready…go and drink!

    1. Called Upon says: Reply

      Not thirsty, but it is now my time to drink. No doubt I’m Safe, Loved and Accepted. I’ve been Blessed and called upon for duty but received a leave of absence, at my request. I’ve been granted (again at my request) a limited opportunity to experience the World for what it is and what I thought I would gain. I’ve been granted that opportunity for reasons which remain unclear to me. God is calling, and I’m not clear what I’m suppossed to do at this juncture. Clearly I must now pay my dues (plus dividens). “What now?” says the boy from the World.

      1. Bob Parr says:

        Called Upon,
        Thanks for your open heart! From your words, I see that you have been on the run for a while, much like the prodigal son in Luke 15:11ff. You mentioned your safe, loved an accepted, but you didn’t mention purpose or destiny? I want you to know that God has a destiny for each of us, we see that clearly in Jeremiah 29:11. Read the story of the prodigal and this time take notice that the father in this story is the one that is prodigal. Prodigal means wreckless spending, lavish, you see, the returning son simply confessed his sin, repented (turned away) from his sinfulness, and came back to the father. The consequence was a kiss from his father, a robe, a ring, and a celebration party that made his sibling jealous! Father God loves you with an immeasurable love, he is waiting for you to come home. His arms are open, and he is not ashamed of you. Consider taking those steps I just mentioned and see if Father God doesn’t completely restore you. The young son was completely failed and utterly restored! Come home son….

  4. Called Upon says: Reply

    Many thanks. While I do not fit the mold of the “wild” son in Luke 15:11, I do take comfort in the passage written in Jeremiah 29:11. As for purpose and destiny, I have no idea but feel I must pay my dues, hopefully of which will be good rather than bad.

    1. Thanks for sharing, if there is anything I can pray for you, let me know! Every Blessing on your quest for freedom!

      1. Called Upon says:

        Thank you, and many thanks for your website. Please pray for the people in Haiti.

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