Bitter Roots and Tools to Destroy Them

Stubborn Bitter Roots

Bitter Roots

Bitter Roots are roots of bitterness that bear fruits of UN-forgiveness. They produce anger and isolation from individuals, families, churches, and even God Himself.

They retract your joy every time your mind is triggered by the association of the person or event.

They draw us into making judgments and being contemptuous.

Damage from Bitter Roots

Studies show that if left to grow these roots have the capability to destroy our vital organs, cripple our bones, and reap havoc on our emotional health.

Bitter Roots Infect the Church

The reason the church has limited power is because beneath the surface of many believers lies multiple roots of bitterness that have not been pulled up and dealt with. These roots are cutting off the power between God the source of all that is good, and His followers.

Eradication of Bitter Roots

  • They must be addressed one by one, for by strength in numbers they will not turn loose of their hold.
  • Most can be pulled up, others will only separate by being severed.
  • A diversity of tools are needed to totally be set free of these stubborn roots.
  • It may take days, weeks, months or even a lifetime.
  • You should expect to feel the tendency to give up the fight. But stay the course, you’re not alone.

Liberation from Bitter Roots

Once freed from these roots, one is truly experiencing the freedom in which Christ has come to set us free!

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