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    The point of command on a ship is usually known to be the “Wheel-house” where we might envision a grey haired sea veteran that has a wealth of adventure stories to tell his grandkids when back on land. I use the analogy of a ship not because I have ever been a sailor, but rather […]

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  • Where do you run during crisis?

    As we experience the current worldwide crisis in the financial sector we all are effected one way or another. The recent US elections turned out a new Federal Government that promises “Change”, and for many Americans this creates a sense of crisis especially if you did not vote for “Change”. Relational crisis is something that […]

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  • Freedom Quest International Website

    Freedom Quest International launches new website created by www.johnburtondesign.com . Thanksgiving week 2008 marks the launching of the new FQI website. Bob and Kelly have been working with John on this new site for approximately 1 month and are very excited about what it offers. With blogging technology stay updated with Freedom Quest International news, […]