A Better Way

Yesterday my wife and I were furniture shopping. We have a friend of the family who is employed by the store, and she was our salesperson. While browsing alone, we encountered multiple salespeople who would hit on us, but as soon as we revealed we are working with our friend, they would not even answer questions, or give directions to items. You see, the business mindset is “what can I get out of this?”. Illegitimate sons act this way, but not true sons. “Who’s son are you?” ~ Jack Frost

There is “A Better Way”

Many of us, Christians and/or non-Christians alike have compartmentalized our lives such that our selfishness or self-centeredness takes the forefront of “who we are”. It is incredibly subtle, but like those holograms you have to stare at for a few moments before the actual 3D image is revealed ~ when we finally see, we crave transformation in our lives, or we should. That is God’s Spirit working in us!

There is “A Better Way”

It is living life supporting the endeavors of others. Rather than turning our gaze inward and striving to acquire fame & fortune for ourselves, we begin to seek the betterment of the company we work for, the church we attend, the community we live in, the social club or group we belong to. This puts in motion a foundational biblical principal that is proven to manifest in all our lives to the good or bad depending on our choices! “Whatever seed you sow, you shall surely reap the harvest!” If you plant corn, you will not get apples! If you support your company, your company will in turn trust you, promote you, and take care of you, but the opposite is also true. If you complain, pilfer, and seek only self interests, your days there are numbered and desolate.

There is “A Better Way”

Jesus said in John 14, and I quote “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me”. I have read that verse over the last 25 years and watched my interpretation evolve immensely. I initially thought it meant, Jesus is God and we need to try harder and harder to become just like Jesus, hence the “WWJD” (What would Jesus do” slogan”.) But in the past few years I have realized I am not Jesus, and will never become like him no more than I can somehow become just like my brother the pediatrician! I am me, and that pleases God, you are you and that too pleases God! You see, Jesus came and modeled for us, how to have an intimate relationship with “Perfect Love” in the person of our “Divine Father”. We are to be sons and daughters, not clones!

It is the way of a son or a daughter supporting the fathers vision and endeavors. Jesus modeled this, John the Baptist did too by placing Jesus higher than himself. It is the way of humility, placing others in a higher place than ourselves, and experiencing Kingdom redemptive activities in our jobs, relationships, communities, families, and churches!

4  Tweaks to “A Better Way!”

  • Identify attitudes in my life that only promote ME!
  • Ask God to forgive you, and receive His forgiveness!
  • Begin to help people accomplish their endeavors, sow time, abilities, and even finance in support of them!
  • Know that God sees your humility, and rewards the humble heart.

God Bless you as you transition into “A Better Way!”

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  1. Chris Roper says: Reply

    Thanks for the lesson.

  2. Hi Bob

    Thank you for the naked truth.

  3. waikeng Loke says: Reply

    Hi my two pal…….reading your web has blessed me greatly.
    Bravo I applause your obedience to the Lord.
    Keep up the good work………

    Blessed Christmas and an exciting year ahead

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